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The selling Price of properties below is the total price per property, except otherwise stated as price per square meter or square footage. The pricing is subjected to negotiation. Rental Price is calculated as Rental price per month where Office Space rental price is calculated as price ($) per square meter. For more information please contact our customer service at (855) 077 813 111.

For Sale
$ 8.00
Per square meter

Land for Sale

A long NR.5

~88143 Sq.m ~380 m ~230 m
For Rent
$ 500.00
Per month

Land for Rent

Close to Sen Sok Primary School

975 Sq.m 75 m 13 m
For Sale
$ 365.00
Per square meter

Land for Sale

Near by Grad Phonm Penh

31638 Sq.m
For Sale
$ 550.00
Per square meter

Land for Sale

Near by St.2011

3153 Sq.m 70 m 45 m
For Sale
$ 315000.00
Per property

Twin Villa for Sale

Borey Peng Houth The Star Quarteria

2 5 Bath 4 Bed

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